David Ciochetto

David Ciochetto


Research Engineer, Physics

Research Interests

I am working locally with the atmospheric sciences group with TARDIS, the Cloud Chamber facility. I am interested in many aspects of small to medium scale fluid flows. In particular the transfer of energy from lateral vortical motions in a stratified fluid system to the large scales of 3D turbulence at the top of the energy cascade. I am also interested in coherent structures seen in the wake of solitary waves as seen in the benthic boundary layer and the wake of clouds and their relationship to ripples. I am interested in the development of instrumentation to observe 3D velocity fields in the ocean and atmosphere. I am interested in the development of autonomous surface vehicles for severe weather lake observations. I am interested in the production of marine particles and their impact on the formation of low lying fog. I am interested in under the ice observation of the evolution of the marine environment and the impact of the fluid environment on these bio-geo-chemical cycles. I am interested in the technology and economics behind the future of sustainable generation and distribution of energy in particular in third world countries. And much more...

IM david.ciochetto@mtu.edu via gmail

Teaching Interests

Teaching Statement

  • I am interested in teaching students and faculty about topics aligned with my interests to advance the state of the science.


  • Applied Fluid Physics
  • Measurements of Turbulence
  • Oceanography
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Laboratory Experiments and Oceanographic Field Work
  • High Frequency Sound Interaction with Plankton
  • Gas Chromatography and TRACER studies
  • Matlab Coding
  • Data Analysis
  • Database Web Design and more