Programs Offered

The ability to explore new cultures and serve people around the world shouldn’t be limited to one or two specific degree programs—and at Michigan Tech, it isn’t. We offer ten Peace Corps Master’s International programs, many of which are completely unique to our University. Get involved, explore the world, and use your skills to serve in areas like ecology, geology and natural hazards, communications, engineering, and more. 

Applied Natural Resource Economics

Combine your interest in natural and economic resource management with your passion for helping others and working in underserved parts of the world.

Applied Science Education

There’s a critical need for science and math teachers in the US—and around the world. Gain experience working with different cultures while bringing science and math education to underserved populations of people.

Biological Sciences

With customizable tracks in human health and the environment, our program is designed to prepare you to tackle some of society’s most pressing ecological, immunological, and physiological issues.

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Michigan Tech has the nation’s oldest and largest PCMI program in civil and environmental engineering. Benefit from that depth of experience and prepare to serve while learning within one of the top engineering programs in the country.

Computer Science

Students in the PCMI program gain an education in advanced principles of Computer Science through one year of study on campus.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

You're an engineer with a passion to help others and at the same time earn an advanced degree in electrical or computer engineering. If so, Michigan Tech's Peace Corps Master's International program in Electrical and Computer Engineering is the place to use your education and talents in service to others from around the world.

Forest Resources and Environmental Science

With high-level labs, our own 5,500-acre research forest, and one of the nation’s only remaining Fall Camp experiences, Michigan Tech provides a truly unique learning experience for students in forestry, ecology, and environmental sciences.

Mechanical Engineering

If you’re fascinated by the way things work and passionate about using your education and skills to help others, take a closer look at Michigan Tech. We offer the nation’s first and only PCMI program in mechanical engineering.

Mitigation of Geological Natural Hazards

For disadvantaged populations, natural disasters can be absolutely devastating. Learn how to lessen the effects of geological hazards in our unique PCMI program—the first and only of its kind.

Rhetoric and Technical Communication

People in underserved populations often lack information about some of their most basic needs—language, nutrition, disease prevention, and more. Gain the skills needed to educate teachers and communicate this crucial information to people of other cultures.