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Mechanical Engineering

You’re fascinated by the way things work and have considered pursuing an advanced degree in mechanical engineering—but you’re also passionate about using your education and talents to help others. Sound familiar? Michigan Tech’s Peace Corps Master’s International program in Mechanical Engineering might be the right option for you.

Study Locally, Learn Globally

Michigan Tech’s program is truly one of a kind: we have the nation’s first PCMI program in mechanical engineering. We’ll give you the foundational education and research skills you need. Then, receive your Peace Corps placement and travel abroad, using your knowledge to serve the people and meet the needs of your host country. See for yourself the problems faced by people from other cultures and countries—and create the solutions needed to solve those problems.

Course Work and Prerequisites


  • BS degree in engineering or physics (depending on the field of study, some additional undergraduate mechanical engineering coursework may be necessary).
  • 3.0 GPA and GRE composite score of 1000, and 4 on the analytical written test (We will consider students with lower GPAs/GRE scores who are very strong in other areas.)

Course Schedule

The program is made up of several core courses and a wide variety of electives. You’ll have the flexibility to customize your degree and research.

Required core courses

  • CE5993 Field Engineering in the Developing World
  • FW5770 Rural Community Development Planning and Analysis
  • SS5201 Cultural Dimensions of International Immersion and Research
  • MEEM5455 Discover, Design, Delight
  • MEEM5994 International Mechanical Engineering Field Experience
  • MEEM5999 Graduate Research

Mechanical engineering topics—choose four

Cultural sensitivity elective—choose one

  • HUxxxx Foreign Language
  • HU3261 Communicating Across Cultures
  • HU3850 Cultural Studies
  • HU3910 Global Language Issues
  • SS3315 Population and Environment
  • SS3410 World Resources & Development
  • SS3710 Social Problems
  • SS3750 Social Inequality
  • SS3760 Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
  • SS4200 Environmental Anthropology

Business or math elective—choose one

  • MA4xxx/5xxx Any senior or graduate-level math course
  • FIN4300 Personal Financial Planning
  • FIN4400 Investment Analysis
  • FIN4700 Global Finance
  • MGT4000 Strategic Management
  • MGT4100 International Management
  • MGT4500 Managing Change in Organizations
  • MGT4600 Management of Technology and Innovation
  • MGT4680 International Technology Management
  • MGT4700 Human Resource Management
  • MKT4000 New Products Marketing
  • MKT4300 Global Marketing
  • OSM4150 Advanced Supply Chain Management
  • OSM4100 Operations Strategy
  • OSM4200 Advanced Project Management