Incoming Class and Past Alumni

Click on each student's name to read about the student's Peace Corps assignment. Each student's thesis is available in PDF format on their page. Some student pages have quite a few images and may take a while to load if you have a slow connection.


Deanna Seil


Matt Widen, Peace Corps - Guyana


  • Rhiley Allbee, heading to Senegal in September 2015
    Biology major, chemistry and sociology minor, Saginaw Valley State University.


  • Samuel Clair, in Panama
    Horticulture major, University of Wisconsin - River Falls
  • Aric Devens, in Senegal
    BS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor


  • Kyle Fredrickson, in Mexico
    Film Studies major, Spanish minor, University of Wisconsin - River Falls
  • Noah Goyke, in Paraguay
    Biological Sciences major, Chemistry minor, College of Saint Scholastica


  • Fahimeh Baziari, Ghana
    Biological Sciences major, Michigan State University
  • Justin Gelb, Burkina Faso
    Environmental Biology major, Fort Lewis College









  • Amber Kenny, Togo
    Environmental Anthropology major, University of Michigan
    Thesis (Amber's thesis was a Michigan Tech finalist in the competition for Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools Distinguished Thesis Award.): Optimal Land Allocation of Maize, Cassava, and Teak for Small Landholders in Southern Togo, West Africa
    First Job: Capacity Building and Development Office of the Foreign Agriculture Service working in Afghanistan and the MIddle East. Then: Urban Forester, Washington DC
    Currently: USAID, Nairobi.
  • Brian Satterlee, Cameroon
    Business Administration major, Wayne State University
    Thesis: Maize Yield and Soil Property Response to Entada Abyssinica Cuttings in the Adamawa Lowlands, Cameroon
    First Job: Urban Forester with ACRT , working in the greater Boston area. Then: Urban and Community Forestry Coordinator for the Rhode Island Resource Conservation and Development Area Council. 
    Currently: Coastal District Forestry Supervisor, National Grid


  • Jason Anderson, Honduras
    Biology major, LeTourneau University
    Thesis: Thimbleberry Jam Production in Houghton and Keweenaw Counties, Michigan
    First job:
    Production Manager, Robinson Lumber, Honduras. Then: Forester, Chestnut Ridge Forestry. 
    Currently: US Customs Service employee.
  • Panchita Paulete, Gambia
    English Major, Communications Minor, Elon University. 
    The Gambia All Schools Tree Nursery Competition: Promoting Conservation in the Gambia through Grassroots Environmental Education .
    First job:
    NEPA Intern, USDA Forest Service, Ottawa National Forest, Watersmeet, MI.; Next Job: NEPA planner, Silver Lake and Paisley Ranger Districts, Fremont - Winema National Forests, Oregon. then NEPA planner, Upper Willamette Resource Area, Eugene District, Bureau of Land Management, Oregon. 
    Current Job: District planner, Eugene District, Bureau of Land Management, Oregon.
  • Olaf Zerbock, Honduras
    Biology major, Chemistry minor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Thesis: Land Use and Water Quality in El Corpus, Choluteca, Honduras.
    First job:
    Project Administrator, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Washington DC. Then: Employed by Conservation International; Currently: USAID forestry and biodiversity team working on climate change and REDD+ issues.



  • Kara Filius, Ukraine
    Music Theory and Composition major, Central Michigan University
    Thesis: 100% Inventory Methods for Urban Parks in Khimelnitsky, Ukraine and Appendix F is a separate pdf file.
    First Job: Forestry Technician - USDA Forest Service, Natchitoches, Louisiana. Next Job: Head District Timber Marker, Huron-Manistee National Forest, USDA Forest Service. Current Job: Prep / Admin Forester for the Northern Hills Ranger District, Black Hills NF.
  • Jennifer Papillo, Paraguay
    Geography Major, University of Delaware
    Coursework Option
    First Job: Environmental Educator and Field Studies Coordinator at the Ashland Nature Center of the Delaware Nature Society. Recently Environmental Educator, White Clay Creek State Park, Delaware, Program Coordinator for Cultural and Historical Interpretation at the Judge Morris Estate, Delaware State Parks Currently Castleruddery Organic Farm, West Wicklow, Ireland and Natural Areas/Ecotourism Consultant.




  • Josh Amend, Tanzania
    American Studies major, Carleton College
    First job: Worked for North Wind Environmental in Wyoming after graduation, then Technical Forestry Services in Greybull, Wyoming. Currently: Extension Forester, Division of Forestry in Florida
    Thesis: Risk and Coffee Production in Mhaji, Tanzania
  • Willy Heist, Ghana
    Exercise/Health Science major, Psychology minor, Alma College
     Community Tree Nurseries in Ghana, West Africa: A Case Study of the Collaborative Community Forestry Initiative (CCFI) 
    First Job: Content Analysis Team of the Forest Service in Salt Lake City. Then employed by DCgreenworks in the Washington DC area. Certified arborist as of March 2004. After that, a tree care consultant with The Care of Trees. Currently an urban forester for the District of Columbia
  • Alec Jarvis, Paraguay
    Botany major, Miami University, Ohio
    Paraguayan Tung (Aleurites fordii Hemsl.): An Important Small Farmer Crop Diversification Strategy 
    First Job: Fall of 2001 working in El Salvador with the Crisis Corps, a part of Peace Corps. Non-timber asset operations assistant for Hancock Land. Then: Regional Land Manager, UPC Wind Management, LLC, Portland ME. 
    Currently: Senior Associate, Kleinschmidt and Associates..
  • Lynne Kraskouskas, Gabon
    Geology major, Bryn Mawr College
    Coursework option.
    First Job:
    Living proof that one can never have enough education, has completed a nursing degree. Now a nurse in Massachusetts.
  • Kristen Rahn Thrall, Paraguay
    Visual Arts major, Albion College
    Thesis: Cultural Assessment of Reforestation Practices in Rural Eastern Paraguay 
    First Job: Content Analysis Team, USDA Forest Service in Missoula Montana.  Then part of the USDA Forest Service Recreational Solutions enterprise management team as a recreation forester in Troy, Montana. Currently Recreation Program Coordinator, Huron-Manistee National Forest.


Other Michigan Tech Peace Corps Volunteers

  • Amy Collick, Madagascar
  • Dave and Nancy Canavera, Brazil
  • Dan Malueg, Nepal
  • Mike Tighe, Paraguay
  • Tom Brayak, India
  • Michelle Laskowski, El Salvador
  • Eric Wergeland, China
  • Patti Burns, Cameroon
  • Aidan Gullickson, Cameroon
  • Mark Holden,
  • Greg Mullen, Lesotho
  • Jonathon D. Colman, Burkina Faso
  • Marla Rader, Ecuador
  • Blair Orr, Lesotho