Peace Corps Master's International (Retired)

Volunteer Stories

Follow along below with the stories and projects of some of our Michigan Tech students who have served or are currently serving in the Peace Corps. 

Gwen Jacobseon (Biological Sciecnes) and Aric Devens (Forestry), Senegal View Video

Olga Cano (Environmental Engineering), Peru View Video

Dave Fenlon (Biological Sciences), Coastal Resource Management, Philippines Read More

Rebby Midkiff (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Water and Sanitation Extentionist and Engineer, Peru View Blog

Barb Michel (Biological Sciences), Preventative Health Educator, Senegal View Blog  

Leigh Miller (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Environmental Health Extentionist, Panama View Blog

Tim Ward (Computer Science), Information Technology Educator, Vanuatu View Blog

Raegan Albright Spencer (Applied Natural Resource Economics) and Patrick Spencer (Civil and Environmental Engineering), RPCVs Madagascar Read More

Bri Drake (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Panama Read More

Ben Savonen (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Tanzania Read More

Jake Midkiff, Panama Read More

Amber Lily Kenny, East Africa Read More

Tyler Barton, El Salvador Read More

Lucy Hatfield (Biology), Science Educator, Tanzania Read More

Daniella Zanin (Forestry), Panama Read More

Fahimeh Baziari (Forestry), Ghana Read More

Cole Bedford (Civil Engineering), Health Education Volunteer, Kyrgyz Republic Read More

Helen Amiri (Environmental Engineering), Vanuatu Read more