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REDUCED TUITION AND FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: All admitted Peace Corps Master’s International students are given “Peace Corps Status,” which qualifies them for a tuition rate that is reduced by about 35%. Click here to learn more about the reduced tuition rate. While you’re overseas with the Peace Corps, you’re still enrolled as a full-time student at Michigan Tech at no cost to you.

APPLY TO YOUR DEPARTMENT BY ITS DEADLINE TO BE CONSIDERED FOR DEPARTMENTAL FUNDING, OR BY MARCH 1 AT THE LATEST (if the department deadline is later) to be considered for additional PCMI Scholarship Awards.

Some students may also qualify for a Graduate Tuition Grant.

Some departments also offer additional funding opportunities for their PCMI students. For example, the PCMI program in the School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science has the Loret Miller Ruppe endowment for student scholarships.  Inquire in the departments about such funding opportunities.

Consider applying for external scholarships and fellowships such as:

The NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

You may also want to talk to the Financial Aid Office for other options.

Other benefits for Tech students include a reduced rate on Peace Corps medical exams at Portage Health, a local health provider, and a wide range of curricular and extracurricular activities to help you prepare for Peace Corps.

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Tech PCMI students can often defer repayment of undergraduate loans or explore the Public Service Loan Forgiveness option while serving in Peace Corps:  

Students participating in the Master’s International Program at Michigan Tech receive all of the benefits associated with Peace Corps service.

Peace Corps Benefits
Transportation to and from the country
A monthly living allowance
A readjustment allowance disbursed when the student completes three months of training and two years of Peace Corps service
Medical care and coverage while a Peace Corps volunteer
Noncompetitive eligibility for federal jobs
For more information on Peace Corps benefits, see: