Applying to Michigan Tech and Peace Corps

Applying to Michigan Tech and Peace Corps

This summer is your last opportunity to apply to our Peace Corps Master's International program. The Peace Corps is retiring all Master's International Programs. If you plan to apply for our final PCMI class that begins in fall 2016, contact the faculty coordinator in the department you are applying to as soon as possible for details on the application process and deadlines. 

Step 1: Apply to Michigan Tech

If you are seeking admission into a Michigan Tech Peace Corps Master’s International Program, you must apply to one of our ten Peace Corps Master’s International Programs. Your acceptance letter for your chosen program will be required to apply for the Peace Corps.

You should be in touch with the coordinator for the program that you are applying to prior to filing an application to ensure you know all of the requirements and deadlines. Applying to Michigan Tech is free!  To begin your application, visit the graduate school website:

Step 2: Apply to Peace Corps

Peace Corps to allow applicants to choose location.

You can apply on the Peace Corps website:

Special Communication from Peace Corps (May 2014)

What you and your Master’s International students should know: The Peace Corps is changing its application procedures beginning July 1, 2014.

On and after July 1, 2014: Master’s International students will apply to the Peace Corps using a new application process that takes approximately one hour to complete; all applicants including Master’s International applicants must apply within 12 months of when they are available to depart using the “Map Your Peace Corps Future” guidance on the Peace Corps website.

Master’s International applicants who apply before July 1, 2014: These students will be grandfathered into the old application system whereby they can apply to the Peace Corps regardless of their availability dates.

When completing the application: When applicants submit their application on or after July 1, they will not be required to upload an acceptance letter from the university at that time; they will simply be required to assert that they are an MI student at their university. Documentation will be required later in the application process.

Transitional guidance: If a student has already applied to the Peace Corps and has not been nominated, he or she must submit the Master’s International university acceptance letter if they have not already done so. Students who do not comply with this request by September 1 will be withdrawn from the system and asked to reapply.

If a student has already applied: If their availability date is more than 12 months from their application submission date, they will not have to reapply.

Cases where students must reapply: Beginning July 1, any MI student who attempts to apply to the Peace Corps with an availability date of further than 12 months in the future will be asked to reapply again later.

Peace Corps or grad school first? Peace Corps MI applicants should apply first to their university and then apply to the Peace Corps within one year of their date of availability for Peace Corps service.

Did you Start your Peace Corps Application First?

If you began your Peace Corps Application before being accepted to the Peace Corps Master’s International program, you need to talk to your regional Peace Corps recruiter about making the switch to a Master’s International program.

You are also encouraged to work with Kari Henquinet, Director of Michigan Tech Peace Corps Master’s International programs, as you start to work on your Peace Corps application.