Office of Information Services

Purchasing Tech, Software, & Budgets

Purchasing Software and Technology

We can assist you with purchasing your computing technology or advise you on the purchasing of software beyond standard IT programs.

The Office of Information Services is here to help guide you through the lifecycle of researching, purchasing, implementing, maintaining, and retiring any IT related software or hardware. We can assist with developing your requirements list and facilitating work needed to provide a successful rollout of your new service.

My Technology Budget

We advise on technology needs and costs for your annual budgetary planning.

Budgeting for your technology needs is an ongoing effort. Upfront costs, reoccurring maintenance fees, and other associated budget items need to be considered and planned for. The Office of Information Services is here to work with you to ensure all your technology related budgetary items are in place and prioritized.

Technology, Software, and Budgets

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