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Projects are a request for a non-standard service or system. We partner with you to build and implement a successful project plan. 

The Office of Information Services is here to help the Vice President for Administration divisions to successfully complete projects. If you have a new or existing project and want some assistance, please let us know and we will do everything we can to ensure your goals are met.

 Help with Your Project

Project Overview

  1. Needs Assessment
    1. What is the current state
    2. What is the desired future state or what is the problem you want to solve
    3. What are the "Must," "Should," "Could," and "Can't Have's" of the future state? We will then help build a needs assessment matrix to prioritize desired features and functionality
  2. Solution Evaluation
    1. We will use the needs assessment matrix to evaluate possible solutions
  3. Planning and Execution
    1. Once a solution has been decided upon, we will work with you to identify stakeholders and develop a plan of action to execute the project
    2. Once the project has kicked off, we will facilitate the completion of tasks among stakeholders to ensure a successful rollout
  4. Project Closure and Maintenance
    1. Once a project has been completed, the work is not done yet. Ongoing maintenance and support needs to be considered and planned for. Additionally, we will set up follow-up meetings at later dates to perform the "Plan, Do, Check, Act" (PDCA) cycle to ensure the needs are still being met

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