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We build dashboards and advise on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to assist with preparing visualizations of your data.

From Common Questions: A Dashboard is a visual tool that allows you to view data in real time. When coupled with your KPIs, you can build a dashboard that enables you to gauge the health of your organization or business unit "At a Glance". Take, for example, a customer support call center. Providing a dashboard to employees detailing current number of calls in the queue, number of active agents currently on the phone, and number of available agents, will better allow the team to decide when an agent can step away from their desk or take lunch. To build on that example, you could provide your call center manager with a separate dashboard detailing call statistics and breakdowns to better allow them to schedule agents based on anticipated call volume. 

The Office of Information Services is here for all of your Dashboard needs. Just contact us and we will help guide you through the Dashboard Creation process.

Dashboard Best Practices

Avoid Pitfalls

  • Information overload and clutter on your dashboard
  • Overuse of color
  • Complicated charts and raw text tables

Bad Dashboard Example jpg

Best Practices

  • Provide "At a Glance" views, keep it simple and concise
  • Utilize visual indicators, less tables and text
  • Display up to date data, your dashboard is only as good as the data it is displaying

Good Dashboard Example jpg

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