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Shannon Rinkinen

Shannon Rinkinen

Brand Manager

A marketer by trade, Shannon brings experience with non-profit, health care, food, and fitness brands to higher ed. She infuses on-brand tone and messaging to high-impact publications and works with writers, designers, and multimedia specialists to engage prospective students, alumni, and research partners on Michigan Tech’s social media. Shannon unplugs by staying active in CrossFit, yoga, mountain biking, and running.

Most Recent Stories

Being Blizzard

The Good, The Bad, And the Sweaty An interview without speaking. Not even a bark or yelp or ruff. Hmmm. That can only leave one option; I had to do what any good Husky would do. I had to follow—chase—him around in his natural habitat. And actually, the he of this story isn’t a he as we . . . Read More

The Stuff of Legend

With a history as rich as the copper mines our founders once studied, you can bet myths and legends abound on campus—and throughout the Keweenaw Peninsula. "I heard . . ." "Someone once said . . ." "Well, what REALLY happened was . . ."We scoured the Internet and the history books and tracked down Huskies old and new to tackle just a few of the most talked about Michigan Tech tall . . . Read More

Up in the Air

Meet Bob and Trish Evans. Facebook fans know them as @BobandTrishJuggling. On social media you’ll see them swuggling (that’s swimming while juggling), joggling (that’s jogging while juggling), and acro-juggling (Google it!). Sometimes they add pyrotechnics, knives, or their niece Kayla. Off digital devices, they’re a pair of Michigan Tech alumni and former Husky athletes . . . Read More

Heart of a Husky

Fresh off his whirlwind season, NHL All-Star MVP John Scott drops his now-famous gloves to talk to his alma . . . Read More

906 Callers

Who's on the other end of those Michigan Tech phone calls? The answer may surprise you. (Hint: it's not just about updating records and collecting . . . Read More

Jennifer Becker, Eric Seagren Receive Wastewater Research Award

It’s said that time heals all wounds. Time, as Michigan Technological University researchers Jennifer Becker and Eric Seagren know, also has the power to inactivate disease-causing viruses, bacteria and worms found in leftover organic matter from wastewater treatment. What Becker and Seagren want to know is—how much time? The researchers are armed with a new Water Environment . . . Read More