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Plichta Named ASM International Fellow

Last Modified 9:41 AM on Wed Jul 14, 2010

July 2, 2010—

Professor Mark Plichta, chair of materials science and engineering at Michigan Technological University, has been named a Fellow of ASM International, the Materials Information Society.

He was honored for his contributions to the field of materials science and engineering. In particular, he was recognized “for his seminal contribution to understanding the mechanisms of massive transformations and for his pioneering innovations in the education of students in materials science and engineering.”

Plichta was instrumental in developing Michigan Tech’s Enterprise Program, in which multidisciplinary teams of students tackle real-world projects and problems. His research has been in microstructural development and stability of metals and ceramics.

Initially, Plichta came to Michigan Tech in 1984 as a faculty member of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. In 1997 he was appointed associate dean for academic programs in the College of Engineering, and in 2002 he agreed to serve as department chair.

He will be recognized at the Convocation of Fellows to be held during the ASM Awards Dinner on Oct. 19 in Houston.

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