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2010 Winter Carnival Statue Results Announced

Last Modified 7:46 PM on Thu Feb 4, 2010

February 4, 2010—

With imposing and impressive sculptures, Phi Kappa Tau earned first place among fraternities in the 2010 snow statue competition, while Delta Zeta earned first place among women’s groups.

Phi Kappa Tau’s effort is called, “A Classic Mario Plight Portrayed In Snowy White” and features an epic battle of good versus evil.

Delta Zeta’s work was titled, “Even With The Snow And Ice, Pretty Pretty Princess Will Make You Look Nice.” It features a classic childhood fairytale land.

The iconic Winter Carnival event, statues numbered more than 70. The overall statue theme was “Games We Know Captured In Snow.”

Here are the results for the (month-long) statue builders:

First Place: Phi Kappa Tau
Theme: “A Classic Mario Plight Portrayed In Snowy White”
Story line: A Nintendo video game—in a mushroom kingdom, villains steal the princess, and the good guys go on a quest to save her.

Second Place: Delta Sigma Phi
Theme: “When Kong Island Is In Peril, Donkey Kong Saves It With A Barrel”
Story line: The hero vanquishes marauding gremlins looking to steal bananas and coins.

Third Place: Tau Kappa Epsilon
Theme: “A Legendary Duel Frozen In Hyrule”
Story line: A recreation of a Nintendo game and a mystical land.

Women’s Groups
First Place: Delta Zeta
Theme: “Even With The Snow And Ice, Pretty Pretty Princess Will Make You Look Nice”
Story line: A young girl’s whimsical fantasy is to become a princess.

Second Place: Alpha Sigma Tau
Theme: “When Three Or Four Show On The Dice, A Stampede Rises From Houghton’s Ice”
Story line: An unlucky roll of the dice brings to Houghton an onslaught of dangerous and mischievous animals.

Third Place: Delta Phi Epsilon
Theme: “Lost In A Land Of Ice And Snow, These Pokemon Don’t Know Where To Go.”
Story line: Pokemon characters flee battle to enjoy the fun and games of Houghton and Winter Carnival.

The top statue builders (month-long) in other categories follow:

Student organizations: Army ROTC, first; Four-Wheelers, second; Air Force ROTC, third; and Permanent Floating Riot Club, fourth.

Residence Halls: First-Year Experience, first; Northern Alliance, second; Mama’s Boys, third; Summit, fourth; and West McNair Superhall fifth.

The top one-nighter statue builders follow:

On-campus: National Association of Home Builders, first; Geology Club and Circle K (tied for second); Mu Beta Psi, fourth; SBE Dean’s Student Advisory Committee, fifth.

Off-campus: Concordia Student Ministries, first; Lutheran Campus Ministry (Good Shepherd Church), second.

Residence Halls: Bastille, first; Sleepy Hollow, second; Night Club (Visual and Performing Arts) third; Strange Crew, fourth; and Computer Science Learning Committee/Daddy’s Girls, fifth.

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