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Board of Trustees Gives Tech President High Marks

Last Modified 3:29 PM on Mon Jun 15, 2015

May 2, 2006—

The Board of Trustees has found the performance of President Glenn D. Mroz to be exceptional following a formal review process at its meeting on April 28.

In closed session, board members discussed their written evaluations of President Mroz’s progress and accomplishments. This conversation followed the use of a new three-part evaluation process which included using performance criteria established by the board, reviewing a written self-review by President Mroz, and examining input from the University Senate and other constituents.

Board of Trustees Chair Mike Henricksen expressed his satisfaction with both the process and the outcome.

“Glenn has done an admirable job. He came into a challenging situation two years ago and quickly gained the confidence of the board and the campus community. My colleagues and I are particularly pleased with the progress toward greater financial stability, the development of an exciting strategic plan, and how well he has been received by Tech’s external audiences, particularly our elected officials”, Henricksen said. “Of course, there is much to be done and many ways that the university can be improved. We look forward to working with Glenn and his executive team to make Tech an even greater institution.”

Henricksen also pointed to the importance of this new process. “This is the first attempt by the board to formalize an evaluation process that we hope will be the blueprint for future boards to follow in evaluating presidents and their performance.”

Details of the performance evaluation were not released. Henricksen indicated that Mroz was assessed on a number of performance categories. These included articulation of a vision for the university, improving fiscal management, increasing enrollment, enhancing revenue from multiple sources, communicating effectively, demonstrating leadership, and increasing Tech’s impact on economic development.

The Board of Trustees anticipates conducting a formal performance review each year.

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