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Roggemann Receives $9.75-Million Grant from Army

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August 4, 2006—

Michael Roggemann, a professor of electrical and computer engineering, has received a $9.75-million grant from the Department of the Army.

The funding supports research over the next four years exploring potential combinations of radio frequency identification tag data, geolocation data, sensor data and communications networks to improve the communications capabilities of America's soldiers.

"The breadth of these research capabilities should allow Tech to leapfrog into a leadership position in these research areas," said Board of Trustees Member Ruth Reck, a professor at the University of California at Davis and a former member of the GM Lab Physics Department.

In addition, researchers will address logistics issues. "We will investigate in-transit visibility for the Army," Roggemann said. "They are trying to better track shipping containers: where they are, what's in them and whether their environment is controlled, which is important for food and other perishables. It's also important to know if they've been tampered with. "

Roggemann was the recipient of Michigan Tech's Research Award in 2002. His research in the field of optics has also supported the Airborne Laser Program and the Air Force's Advanced Tactical Laser.

Other researchers involved in the project are Assistant Professors Gerry Tian, Tricia Chigan, Reza Zekavat and Jindong Tan and Professor and Chair Tim Schulz. All are faculty of the electrical and computer engineering department.

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