For a forestry professor, Hesterberg spent a fair bit of time in the woods--looking
      at birds. Today, David Flaspohler's continues the time-honored and snowy traditions
      of springtime birding in the Keweenaw. Credit: David Flaspohler

Guest Blog: A Field Guide

Ornithologist and ecologist David Flaspohler discovers an old book and reflects on its owner, Gene Hesterberg, and its importance today.

In the U.S., many people think biorefinery is the same as ethanol production, which
      is only one of many possible products.

Guest Blog: What Our Forests Can Do

In his guest blog, Mark Rudnicki, director of the Michigan Forest Biomaterials Institute, explains the role of forests in a . . .

Alaskan huskies Captain and Luke on a practice run with The Mushing Club at Michigan
      Tech. Photo credit: Evan Smith

Huskies Mush: First-of-its-kind Club is Ready to Race

The Mushing Club at Michigan Technological University runs its first race, the Beargrease 40, in Duluth, Minnesota, on Sunday.