Investigating the genetic basis of variation in oil yield in blue mallee, a eucalyptus
      native to Australia will allow for a faster and more efficient domestication, making
      the production of renewable fuels from eucalyptus plantations more feasible.

The Secrets of Secretion: Isolating Eucalyptus Genes for Oils, Biofuel

Close genetic analysis of 480 blue mallee eucalyptus plants provides clues to modify cultivars for greater yield, whether for essential . . .

One of the newly introduced gray wolves picks its way through deep snow on Isle Royale.
      Image Credit: Rolf Peterson

Isle Royale Winter Study: 13 New Wolves, 20 Radio-collared Moose

Michigan Technological University’s 2019 Isle Royale Winter Study focuses on the implications of newly introduced wolves and the movements of . . .

Connected vehicle data is full of holes; models developed by Michigan Tech engineers
      help fill in the missing information.

Filling in the Gaps of Connected Car Data Helps Transportation Planners

A new model gives transportation planners a more accurate picture of traffic in their cities, which can lead to better, . . .