The Michigan Legislature has granted planning authorization for Michigan Tech's H-STEM

Legislature Grants Planning Authorization for Michigan Tech H-STEM Complex

Michigan Tech will seek final approval for construction and renovation projects to house integrated engineering and science educational programs to . . .

From toothbrush holders to typing aids to nail clippers, 3-D printing cuts the cost
      of devices aimed to help people with hand arthritis.

3-D Printing Offers Helping Hand to People with Arthritis

Adaptive aids are expensive. Additive manufacturing, using low-cost 3-D printers, can save upwards of 94 percent for simple household items.

TEM image of clusters of MS2 bacteriophage with an average size of 28 nm. Imaging
      of these bio-local samples were performed using low energy (80 kV) electron beam at
      Michigan Tech’s FEI Titan microscope.

Be Brief: Enveloped

Creating vaccines is like concealing a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Two days into the still-active flooding situation, Adam Johnson decided that he was
      tired of looking at destruction and set to work taking photos of hope, connection,
      and recovery. (Adam Johnson/Brockit, Inc.)

Copper Country Strong

Historic flash floods ripped through the Keweenaw in June. Nature’s show of strength was met by another force to be . . .