Marilyn and Dave '74 Bernard established a New Faculty Fellow in the School of Business
      and Economics.

A Legacy of Support: New Faculty Fellow in School of Business and Economics

Humble, blue-collar beginnings. A passion for campus and the community. An appreciation for blending business and STEM disciplines.

Two days into the still-active flooding situation, Adam Johnson decided that he was
      tired of looking at destruction and set to work taking photos of hope, connection,
      and recovery. (Adam Johnson/Brockit, Inc.)

Copper Country Strong

Historic flash floods ripped through the Keweenaw in June. Nature’s show of strength was met by another force to be . . .

Volcán de Fuego has been a Michigan Technological University research site for decades.
      When the Guatemalan volcano erupted in June, numerous faculty, alumni, and students
      mobilized to respond to the disaster.

Fire Mountain

It is perhaps fate that Rüdiger Escobar-Wolf would become a volcanologist.

What makes for a quality life is as variable as Michigan weather. For some, it has
      something to do with location.

Quality (of) Life

The reasons to come back are obvious. But as you can imagine, getting back isn't always easy. Learn why and . . .