Study Amid Natural Beauty

Michigan Tech is located in the beautiful city of Houghton, Michigan. Houghton is one of the best 100 places to live, according to "The 100 Best Small Towns In America," by Norman Crampton. Here students may enjoy studying amongst many natural aspects unique to the Keweenaw Peninisula. Some of which include the Tech Trails, Copper Harbor, Mont Ripley, and its eminent waterfront. Houghton also has many parks and trails along the waterfront which provide adventure, inspiration, and relaxation for its guests.

In Houghton you will get to experience the change of all four seasons. Experience the breathtaking Fall colors, when the leaves change colors on the trees throughout the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. In the Winter season, be a part of the magnificent winter wonderland that Michigan Tech becomes upon snowfall. Come April, take a break from the snow and enjoy the beauty of the environment during Spring and Summer seasons.