Medical Informatics Center for Analysis, Research, and Education

The proposed MICARE facility is designed to bridge the gaps between technology, clinical care coordination, and healthcare delivery. Structured as a highly collaborative environment, MICARE will position healthcare organizations, medical professionals, faculty and students from health-related academic departments to solve large-scale health issues and provide innovative health solutions through coordinated multi-disciplinary research, providing advanced education and training in the area of health, and caring for the people of our community.

The MICARE facility is conveniently located on two floors of the modern First Merit building in downtown Hancock, Michigan. The existing office space will be transformed into an innovative Research and Education Center equipped with simulation labs and a functional clinic to assist local healthcare organizations in conducting critical preventative wellness screenings for our local community. 

The creation of a partnership alliance from diverse organizations in the health care field who both support and promote MICARE’s vision is critical to ensure meaningful research, education, and development in the medical field and the communities we serve. Michigan Tech is pleased to welcome five organizations into the MICARE Alliance where their support, knowledge, industry connections, involvement within health-related education and research are critical to the Center’s mission of improving health. The five organizations can be seen below:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM)
  • Finlandia University’s College of Health Sciences
  • Michigan Health Information Network (MiHIN)
  • Northern Michigan University’s School of Nursing
  • Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center (UGLFHC)

As the mission of MICARE is collaborative in nature, the Center continues to seek strategic partnerships.  Healthcare organizations and research institutions are encouraged to contact the Medical Informatics Program at Michigan Tech to discuss options for participation.  Please email us at micare@mtu.edu for more information. 

To learn more about the MICARE Center, please watch the following video:

MICARE Center Video