Degree Options

The Medical Informatics Graduate Program requires 30 credits of course work and research for the MS degree.  The program permits three curriculum options.  The first (a), provides a thesis option, the second (b), provides a practicum option, while the third (c), provides a course work option.

Thesis Option (Plan A)

The thesis option requires students to complete research under the supervision of an advisor and present research information and the results. An oral examination and a final thesis are required in order to successfully complete this option.

Practicum Option (Plan B)

The practicum option requires students to work on an independent study project and to complete a report of the results. Students are also required to complete an oral examination of the report results and submit a paper copy of the approved report in a binder with an original signature page to the Graduate School.

Course Work Option (Plan C)

The course work option requires students to successfully complete a minimum of 30 credits. Research credits may be applied to the requirements if permitted.

Table 1 outlines options and requirements for the proposed Master of Science degree in Medical Informatics.  Participating faculty members from across campus will be able to advise Plan A & B students as their schedules permit. 

Table 1: MS Degree Requirements




Research Credits

Total Credits


Plan A





Plan B


2-6 (to be completed under SAT 5999)



Plan C