Biometric Development


Among the most important healthcare issues which directly affect patient safety and quality of care is the ability to correctly identify and track people along the global health network. In particular, there is a critical need to identify patients and to confirm the accurate delivery of clinical services for them. Patients’ misidentification is not only an important source of medical errors but it also a critical element in the overall architecture of the health system. Biometrics and other identification technology can play a pivotal role in ensuring more reliable identification schemes.

Biometrics can act as a powerful unique identifier that may bring together disparate pieces of personal information about an individual. These biometrics enable individuals to be tracked, and create the potential for personal information from different sources to be linked together to form a detailed electronic medical record (EMR) or personal health record (PHR).

Research Project

Title: Generation of Distinctive Patient Identity Integrity for the Healthcare Sector based on Eigen Value Finger Minutia Algorithms

Faculty Investigator: Guy C. Hembroff 

email: hembroff at mtu dot edu

Summary: Development of Eigen value algorithms for mobile fingerprint images to obtain unique master patient identifier (MPI) for the healthcare sector.  This project contains the development and enhancement of raw fingerprint images in mobile phone environment combined with algorithm development of finger minutia to produce secure unique patient identifier capable of being used in scalable and distributed healthcare systems to locate patient records.  

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