Q&A with Yeliana



BS in Mechanical Engineering, 1996—Udayana University, Indonesia
MS in Mechanical  Engineering, 2007— Michigan Tech
PhD in Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics, 2010—Michigan Tech

Current position: Postgraduate Intern for ESI Mindware, Farmington Hills, Michigan

Q: What was the focus of your research?

A: I began my graduate studies at Michigan Tech with a Fulbright Scholarship, and then continued as a PhD student supported with funding from a Michigan Energy Efficiency Grant and General Motors. My research focused on the development of a stochastic predictive combustion model for spark ignition engines over a wide range of experimental conditions. This model is applicable to engine simulation tools widely used in academic research and in industry.

Q:  What was the most challenging aspect?

A: My project required me make frequent progress reports to our industry partners.

Q:  What was the best part about the experience?

A: My experience at Michigan Tech helped me to greatly improve my engineering, programming, and professional communication skills.

Q:  Where do you work now?

A: I am now a postgraduate intern at ESI Mindware, working at Chrysler.

Q:  Were there any experiences at Tech that helped with your current success?

A: I learned to successfully meet deadlines for deliverable software development. Michigan Tech provided me with practical skills to thrive in industry. This experience has allowed me to excel during my current internship.

Q:  Did your time in graduate school change (or shape) you life? If so, how?

A: My time at Michigan Tech allowed me to better understand American culture. I also learned about many other cultures represented by the diverse student body. I am so grateful that the University embraces the cultural diversity of the students that come to study at Michigan Tech from around the world.

Q:  What advice would you give first-year graduate students?

A: Study hard, but also take some time to meet the students working around you. Enjoy the wonderful natural beauty of the Keweenaw Peninsula.