Dennis DeSheng Meng

Dennis DeSheng Meng


Adjunct Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering–Engineering Mechanics

  • PhD, University of California
  • MS, Tsinghua University
  • BS, Tsinghua University

Links of Interest

Areas of Expertise

  • Micro and nano technologies for energy and environmental applications
  • Microfluidics
  • Micro fuel cells
  • Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)
  • Micro and nano fabrication

Research Interests

  • Self-regulating micro fuel cells for portable military/civilian electronics
  • Nano-structured surfaces for energy and environmental applications
  • Micro and nano fluidics for energy harvesting
  • Self-healing material

Recent Publications

  • X. Geng, P. Patel, A. Narain, and D. D. Meng, "A Self-Adaptive Thermal Switch Array for Rapid Temperature Stabilization under Various Thermal Power Inputs," J. Micromech. Microeng., vol. 21, pp. 085018, 2011. Read More
  • Kroodsma, N.; Zhu, L.; Yeom, J.; Haan, J. L.; Shannon, M. A.; Meng, D. D., An On-Demand Microfluidic Hydrogen Generator with Self-Regulated Gas Generation and Self-Circulated Reactant Exchange with a Rechargeable Reservoir. Microfluidics and Nanofluidics 2011. Read More
  • S. Santhanagopalan, F. Teng, and D. D. Meng, "High-Voltage Electrophoretic Deposition for Vertically Aligned Forests of One-Dimensional Nanoparticles," Langmuir, vol. 27, pp. 561-569, 2011. Read More
  • F. Teng, S. Santhanagopalan, A. Asthana, X. Geng, S.-I. Mho, R. Shahbazian-Yassar, and D. D. Meng, "Self-assembly of LiFePO4 nanodendrites in a novel system of ethylene glycol-water," Journal of Crystal Growth, vol. 312, pp. 3493-3502, 2010. Read More
  • F. Teng, S. Santhanagopalan, and D. D. Meng, "Microstructure Control of MnO2/CNT Hybrids under In-Situ Hydrothermal Conditions," Solid State Sciences, vol. 12, pp. 1677-1682, 2010. Read More
  • F. Teng, S. Santhanagopalan, Y. Wang, and D. D. Meng, "In-Situ Hydrothermal Synthesis of Three-Dimensional MnO2 Microsphere-CNTs Composites and its Electrochemical Properties," Journal of Alloys and Compounds, vol. 499, pp. 259-264, 2010. Read More
  • F. Teng, S. Santhanagopalan, R. Lemmens, X. Geng, P. Patel, and D. D. Meng, "In situ growth of LiFePO4 nanorod arrays under hydrothermal condition," Solid State Sciences, vol. 12, pp. 952-955, 2010. Read More