Bernhard P. Bettig

Bernhard P. Bettig


Adjunct Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering–Engineering Mechanics

  • PhD, Arizona State University


Dr. Bettig's research is motivated by the desire to create better designs, faster. In the Design and Manufacturing Computations Lab, Bettig and students develop theories and testbed software to automatically synthesize and simulate novel product designs. To query and manipulate design geometry at a high level, Bettig has developed a data structure, the "Design Exemplar,” that provides a unified, mathematical representation for disparate types of engineering knowledge and operations.

Bettig and his students have developed theories and software for a variety of applications, including finite element/finite difference simulation of hydro-generator rotordynamics, tethered spacecraft vibration visualization, variational geometric/algebraic constraint solving, declarative component design, topology optimization of smart structures, optimization using distributed computing, and an object-oriented CAD software framework to integrate design tools. Bettig also has experience as an aerospace design engineer.

Links of Interest

Areas of Expertise

  • Computer-Aided Design
  • Geometric Modeling
  • Knowledge-based Systems

Research Interests

  • Finite element/finite difference simulation of hydro-generator rotordynamics
  • Tethered spacecraft vibration visualization
  • Variational geometric/algebraic constraint solving
  • Declarative component design
  • Topology optimization of smart structures
  • Optimization using distributed computing

Recent Publications

  • Singh, P., Bettig, B., “Port-Compatibility and Connectability-Based Assembly Design,” ASME Journal of Computers and Information Science in Engineering, Vol. 4, No. 3, 2004.
  • Bühler, M., Bettig, B., Parker, G., “Topology Optimization of Smart Structures using a Homogenization Approach”, J. of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, Vol. 15, No. 8, pp. 655-667, 2004.
  • Bettig, B., Shah, J., “Solution Selectors: A User-Oriented Answer to the Multiple Solution Problem in Constraint Solving,” ASME Journal of Mechanical Design, Vol. 125, No. 3, pp. 443-451, 2003.
  • Bettig, B., Shah, J. (2000) "Derivation of a standard set of geometric constraints for parametric modeling and data exchange", (in print) Computer-Aided Design
  • Bettig, B. (1999) "A Graph-Based Geometric Problem Solving System for Mechanical Design and Manufacturing", Ph.D. Dissertation, Dec. 1999, Arizona State University
  • Bettig, B., Shah, J. (1999) "An object-oriented program shell for integrating CAD software tools", Advances in Engineering Software, Vol. 30, No. 8, pp. 529-541
  • Bettig, B., Han, R.P.S. (1999) "Modeling the lateral vibration of hydraulic turbine-generator rotors", Journal of Vibration and Acoustics, Transactions of the ASME Vol. 121, No. 3, pp. 322-327