Maurice M. Taylor

Maurice M. Taylor
  • BS Mechanical Engineering 1968

Maurice “Morry” Taylor earned his BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Tech in 1968.  Morry attended Northwestern College for two years prior to completing his degree at Michigan Tech.  While at Michigan Tech, Morry opened the first self-service car wash in the area.  He was first employed by General Motors as a mechanical engineer in Saginaw.  In 1970, he left for Morweld Steel Products, and in 1972 became part owner of the American Steel Impact Corp. in Detroit.  In 1974, he started Maurice Taylor & Associates where he was a representative for steel products manufacturers.  In 1983, he became President/CEO of CanAM Industries in Quincy IL. 

In 1990, CanAM moved its headquarters to Quincy, IL and changed its name to Titan Wheel International, Inc.  At that time, Morry led a leveraged buy-out in concert with Masco Industry.   In 1992, Morry and MascoTech purchased the remaining interest in the company. Under Morry’s entrepreneurial leadership, Titan has successfully acquired and recreated previously-failed businesses in the off-highway wheel and tire markets. In 1993, Morry led the company through its initial public offering on the NASDAQ National Market System. After enjoying successful trading on NASDAQ, Titan moved to the New York Stock Exchange. He was nicknamed "The Grizz" by Wall Street analysts for his tough negotiating style. He has transformed Titan from a small wheel manufacturing business to a global producer of off-highway wheel and tire systems. 

In 1996, Morry ran as a Republican candidate for President of the United States, campaigning to bring sound fiscal management and business know-how to Washington.  He wrote the book “Kill All the Lawyers and Other Ways to Fix the Government" about the campaign.

Morry’s philosophy is that hard work and a little luck is the greatest combination for success and can always make up for brains, but never forget to keep learning.

He has established the "Brent Taylor Charitable Trust" serving educational institutions. The trust is named for Morry's brother who was killed in an auto accident in 1997. He also established the Maurice & Michelle Taylor Foundation which awards college scholarships to children of Titan employees, as well as the Maurice Taylor & Brent Taylor Loan-Scholarship Fund and the Titan Tire/Titan Wheel Engineering Annual Scholarship at Michigan Tech.

Morry married Michelle Callahan on August 16, 1975.  They have three children, a son Anthony who attended Michigan Tech, and two daughters, Maureen Sredl and Katie Rivers.