Statistics Concentration Information

Tips for a Great Start

Course work in statistics is a blend of theory, methods, and computing. All of these are important for applied statisticians at all levels and types of employment. Contact your advisor to talk about your options and read these tips to help you prepare for your career.

Apply for a summer internship.

Computational skills are important for summer internships. Start by reading the internship postings on the American Statistical Association website. For more information about internships, contact University Career Services or your advisor.

Pursue a minor or second major.

Statistics majors are encouraged to complete a minor or dual degree option. Why? Because statisticians help others do research, and it helps to be knowledgeable in a least one area of application.

Employment opportunities exist in

    • medical and pharmaceutical research,
    • marketing research,
    • information technology,
    • quality improvement,
    • genomics,
    • biostatistics, and
    • anywhere data is collected.

Government agencies, such as The Bureau of Labor Statistics, Census Bureau, and others employ lots of statisticians.

Look at job-search websites.

These websites will help you learn about jobs that are available to statisticians. Note that some jobs require advanced degrees.

Join a professional organization.

The flagship professional organization for statisticians is the American Statistical Association.