Exam Score

Math Placement Result

What is my placement result?

Your placement result is your percentage mastery on the best assessment. Course placement is determined as follows:

Michigan Tech CourseCourse NamePlacement Result
MA1020Quantitative LiteracyGreater than 0
MA1030College Algebra I55 or lower
MA1135Calculus for Life Sciences70 or higher or AP Calculus AB score of 2
MA1161Calculus Plus with Technology I70-79 or AP Calculus AB score of 2
MA1160Calculus with Technology I80 or higher or minimum AP Calculus AB score of 3*

MA1160 and MA1161 cover the same material, but MA1161 moves at a different pace--giving students an additional day of lecture each week.

* An AP Calculus AB score of 3 or higher will place you in the next subsequent math course for your major. If you wish to waive this credit or placement, you may.

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