Test Overview

Prepare for the Online Placement Test

The online math placement test is a diagnostic test to challenge initial math placement based on ACT and SAT scores. Please read the information on this page carefully. It will help prepare you for test day.

  1. Follow login and step-by-step instructions to access and take the test. Please answer each question to the best of your ability.

  2. Take the sample test first.

    If something doesn't seem to be working correctly, STOP. Do not try to take the placement test. Contact Ann Humes at 906-487-2938 or amhumes@mtu.edu. Explain clearly, and in detail, the problem(s) that you are experiencing. (For example: the problems are uploading too slowly, you can't see all of the images, or you can't see all five answers.)

  3. Take both parts of the test.

    The questions will appear one at a time. You can go back to questions that you have skipped, if you wish. Some of the questions and/or answers may take a moment to upload. Please be patient.

  4. Check your course placement.

After you complete both parts of the placement test, navigate to Placement Results to see your course placement. You will not receive any other notification of your results.

Note: Please do not wait until the last possible date to take this test. It will create difficulties if problems arise.