Test Day Instructions

Instructions for Taking the Online Placement Test

Follow the steps below or print the instructions to take the math placement test. When you have finished both parts of the test, you can check your placement in Canvas (see step 6 below). Please note that your placement will NOT be sent to you.

Getting Started

  1. After logging in to Canvas, select the Math Placement Test from the Courses menu.
  2. Read the Placement and Assessment Information.
  3. Try the Practice Assessment.

Part One—Algebra

  1. Take the Algebra Assessment. You will have 90 minutes to complete 47 multiple choice algebra questions. NO CALCULATORS.

Part Two—Trigonometry

  1. Take the Trigonometry Assessment. You will have 30 minutes to complete 15 multiple choice trigonometry questions. NO CALCULATORS.


  1. Check your results using the rubric in Placement Results. Your placement will be updated at the close of the testing window. If you have any questions or concerns contact Ann Humes at amhumes@mtu.edu.