Advanced Placement Testing

If you are taking the College Board Advanced Placement test this spring, your score will determine your math placement according to these guidelines.
Advanced Placement Credit GuidelinesScorePlacement
Calculus AB Test4 or 5MA2160 with credit for MA1160
 3May enroll in MA2160 with provisional credit awarded for MA1160, but student may wish to consider enrollment in MA1160
Calculus BC Test4 or 5MA3160 with credit for MA1160 and MA2160
 1 or 3Use AB subscore with above guidelines
Advanced Placement Credit for Statistics4 or 5Credit awarded for MA2710

NOTE: You must take the AP test in order for us to use this as a placement tool; simply taking a class titled AP Calculus is not sufficient for placement. An AP score will override any other math placement. View AP, IB, and CLEP credit guides.

For more information on math placement, contact Ann Humes, director of first-year math program, at 906-487-2938 or