For a small university in a small town, we're making a big difference.

By Allison Mills

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Cloudy Details

In clouds, the nitty-gritty details are in droplets—sorting out how they mix has been a challenge.

Peat Harvest

Dirty hands. Trace gases. Ericaceae. The life of a peatland mesocosm experiment.

Emotions and Technology

People's individual response to colored lights vary, and Shiyan Hu and Sarah Sun are developing medical wearable tech incorporating both light and music.

Research in Brief

Explore short stories about the amazing work our researchers do at Michigan Tech every day.

Drought: 2015 Research Award

The Research Award offers an opportunity for an individual to be recognized for outstanding achievement in research.


The prestigious Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) program recognizes junior faculty across the nation.

Rath Award

Two Michigan Tech researchers were honored with the annual Bhakta Rath Research Award.