Feng Zhao is making lab-grown tissues that are just like the real thing—because they are the real thing.

By Danny Messinger

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Flaws in Folding

Cells are as efficient as possible, but when little errors crop up, big mistakes can happen.

The End of HPV

Ebenezer Tumban's next-generation vaccine research could be the HPV "power off" we've been searching for.

The Healing Stent

They're lifesavers in an emergency, but stents can cause complications years later.

Underwater, Under Ice

The Great Lakes Research Center has a polar climate literally right outside its door.

Making Greener Leaner

Facing a crossroads of energy production and consumption, Kathleen Halvorsen is making woody biomass work.

How Warm is Too Warm?

Researcher Molly Cavaleri works to determine how the climate warming trend is affecting tropical rainforests.

Cloud Control

The University's innovative new cloud chamber allows ressearchers to head into the lab and make their own weather.

Up in the Air

Atop a volcanic peak deep in the eastern Atlantic, Tech researchers sample and study aerosol particles.

Research In Brief

Explore short stories about the amazing work our researchers do at Michigan Tech every day.