Computers and Technology

The library provides more than two hundred Windows workstations and 12 Mac workstations. Each machine features the latest office productivity suite and many feature advanced graphics and sound editing software.   

Productivity Tools 

These productivity tools can be borrowed directly from the Library and IT Service Center on a first-come, first-served basis.

ToolsLoan Period
Laptops3 hours
TI-89 Calculators4 hours
Digital Cameras3 days
Video Cameras3 days
Tripods3 days
Wacom Tablets24 hours
Voice Recorder3 days
Headphones3 hours
iPhone 5 Charger2 hours
Dry-erase Markers4 hours

Adaptive Technologies

A variety of adaptive technologies are available to assist library users with special needs, including:

  • Chroma CCD Magnifier—Used for enlarging small objects and printed books the magnifier is located next to the plotter in the digital studio (second floor).
  • Kurzweil 3000—Comprehensive reading, writing and learning software solution for any struggling reader, including individuals with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, and those who are English language Learners, Kurweil software is installed on two of the three PCs in the digital studio (second floor).

For assistance in using our adaptive technologies, please contact the Library and IT Service Center by email at, or by telephone at (906) 487-2508.