Tejin Yoon

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Assistant Professor, Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology

  • PhD, Seoul National University
  • MS, Seoul National University
  • BS, Seoul National University

Research Interests

  • Age and sex difference in muscle fatigue
  • Impact of stress on neuromuscular function
  • Functional brain activation during exercise
  • Neuromuscular Control of gait and posture

Recent Publications

  • Yoon T, Vanden Noven ML, Nielson KA, and Hunter SK. Brain areas associated with force steadiness and intensity during isometric ankle dorsiflexion in men and women. Exp Brain Res 2014 (Accepted)
  • Keller-Ross ML, Pereira HM, Pruse J, Yoon T, Schlinder-Delap B, Nielson KA, Hunter SK. Stressor-induced increase in muscle fatigability of young men and women is predicted by strength but not voluntary activation. J Apply Physiol 116(7):767-78, 2014 Read More
  • Vanden Noven M, Pereira HM, Yoon T, Stevens A, Nielson KA, Hunter SK. Motor Variability during Sustained Contractions Increases with Cognitive Demand in Older Adults. Front Aging Neurosci. 6:97, 2014 Read More
  • Hoeger Bement MK, Weyer A, Yoon T, Hunter SK. Corticomotor excitability during a noxious stimulus and following exercise in women with fibromyalgia. Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology 31(1):94-8, 2014 Read More
  • Yoon T, Schlinder-Delap B. and Hunter SK. Fatigability and Recovery of Arm Muscles with Advanced Age for Dynamic and Isometric Contractions. Experimental Gerontology 48: 259-268, 2013 Read More
  • Senefeld J, Yoon T, Bement MH, Hunter SK. Fatigue and Recovery form Dynamic Contractions in Men and Women Differ for Arm and Leg Muscles. Muscle Nerve 48: 436-439, 2013. Read More
  • Yoon T, Schlinder-Delap B, Keller M, & Hunter SK. Supraspinal fatigue impedes recovery from a low-intensity sustained contraction in old adults. J Appl Physiol 112:849-858, 2012. Read More
  • Keller ML, Pruse JM, Schlinder-Delap B, Yoon T, Hunter SK. Supraspinal fatigue is similar in men and women for a low-force fatiguing contraction. Med Sci Sports Exerc 43: 1873-1883, 2011. Read More