Tejin Yoon

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Assistant Professor, Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology

  • PhD, Seoul National University
  • MS, Seoul National University
  • BS, Seoul National University

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Research Interests

  • Age and sex difference in muscle fatigue
  • Impact of stress on neuromuscular function
  • Functional brain activation during exercise
  • Neuromuscular Control of gait and posture

Recent Publications

  • Yoon T, Schlinder-Delap B. and Hunter SK. Fatigability and Recovery of Arm Muscles with Advanced Age for Dynamic and Isometric Contractions. Experimental Gerontology 48: 259-268, 2013 Read More
  • Hoeger Bement MK, Weyer A, Yoon T, Hunter SK. Corticomotor excitability during a noxious stimulus and following exercise in women with fibromyalgia. Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology 2013. (In press)
  • Senefeld J, Yoon T, Bement MH, Hunter SK. Fatigue and Recovery form Dynamic Contractions in Men and Women Differ for Arm and Leg Muscles. Muscle Nerve 48: 436-439, 2013. Read More
  • Yoon T, Schlinder-Delap B, Keller M, & Hunter SK. Supraspinal fatigue impedes recovery from a low-intensity sustained contraction in old adults. J Appl Physiol 112:849-858, 2012. Read More
  • Keller ML, Pruse JM, Schlinder-Delap B, Yoon T, Hunter SK. Supraspinal fatigue is similar in men and women for a low-force fatiguing contraction. Med Sci Sports Exerc 43: 1873-1883, 2011. Read More
  • Griffith EE, Yoon T & Hunter SK. Aging and load compliance influence time to task failure for a submaximal fatiguing contraction with the lower leg. J Appl Physiol 108: 1510-1519, 2010. Read More
  • Yoon T, Keller M, Schlinder-Delap B, Harkins A, Lepers R, Hunter SK. Sex differences in response to cognitive stress during a fatiguing contraction. J Appl Physiol 107: 1486-1496, 2009. Read More