Cumbria, England

Borderlands and Battlegrounds

This four week, three course, nine credit study abroad program is hosted by the University of Cumbria. It will explore the issues of history and archaeology in Cumbria, northern England, and southern Scotland. Classroom work, field trips, and site visits will make up the course. Students will all be enrolled in SS3960, plus one additional social science class and one humanities class (see below for descriptions).

SS3960 International Experience

This course will provide an academic framework for the cultural experiences of the program.  Included in the course will be topics such as Lake District poets and gardens, the rise of tourism, urban and rural distinction in modern Cumbria and North Yorkshire and attendance at 2 – 3 cultural events, etc. Guest and staff lectures, site visits, field trips and cultural performances will provide the material for this course, evaluation will be based on written “journals” and participation.

SS2502 European History since 1650

This course covers the history of Europe from the mid-seventeenth century to the present. This includes political, social, intellectual, religious, economic, and artistic developments on the European continent.

SS3952 Topics in World History: Cultural Borderlands

An examination of cultural boundaries in numerous realms—political, military, scientific, and cultural—that explores what happens when ideas collide.  It is a story of both antagonism and learning, and we will explore topics such as political intrigue, medieval and Renaissance warfare, controversies in science. Most topics will be in the context of British history and be augmented by the field trips for the whole group.

HU2538 British Experience in Literature

A survey of selected works of British literature from its origins to the present. Focuses on historical trends in the development of the English language and the cultures of Great Britain. 

HU3540 Major British Authors: Romantics and Revolutionaries

In-depth reading of the works of the English Romantic Poets, who were inspired by the American and French revolutions, mistrusted the industrial revolution, and sparked a revolution in English poetry. The course will focus especially on the lives and works of William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who lived in the Lake District area where we will be staying.

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Trip Leaders

Steven Walton,
Academic Office Building Room 224

Walker Building Room 343

International Programs and
Administration Building Room 200