Cumbria, England—Study Abroad 2015

This four week, three course, nine credit study abroad program is hosted by the University of Cumbria. It will explore the issues of history and archaeology in Cumbria, northern England, and southern Scotland. Classroom work, field trips, and site visits will make up the course.

SS 3560: History of Britain I

This course will follow the standard course timeline but will continue a bit longer than normal. The course normally ends at AD 1715, but will continue on to AD 1745 because of Carlisle’s major role in the 1745 Rebellion. A mix of readings, class room discussions/lectures, and site visits will be used in the course. Evaluation will be through participation, exams and quizzes, and a student project/presentation.

Instructor: Carl Blair (

SS 3960: International Experience

Experiences: This course will provide an academic framework for the cultural experiences of the program.  Included in the course will be topics such as Lake District poets and gardens, the rise of tourism, urban and rural distinction in modern Cumbria and North Yorkshire and attendance at 2 – 3 cultural events, etc. Guest and staff lectures, site visits, field trips and cultural performances will provide the material for this course, evaluation will be based on written “journals” and participation.

Instructor: Carl Blair (

SS 3920: Archaeology of the North

This course will study a mix of the region's archaeological past, including the changing methods and theory of archaeological data recovery from the earliest antiquarians to current research and rescue excavations in York and on the Wall. This is not a field course, as such so no actual excavation will take place. However, the students will be given the opportunity to take part in field-walking, survey, and will have hands-on work with collections in both Carlisle and York. Readings, classroom, and site visits will be the core of the class. Participation, quizzes, and an exam will provide evaluation.

Instructor: Carl Blair (

HU 2538: The British Experience in Literature 

This course focuses on historical trend in the development of the English language and the cultures of Great Britain. In Cumbria, students will be able to see the historical and archaeological sites of Anglo-Saxon, Medieval and Early Modern England as they read selected works from the English literary canon. Among the works studies will be the Anglo-Saxon epic Beowulf, selections from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, a Shakespeare play, selections from John Milton's Paradise Lost, selections from Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels and Virginia Woolf's essays.  

HU 2538 is available for HASS credit. Instructor: Ron Strickland ( 

HU 3540: The Lake Poets 

In this course the focus will be the English "Lake Poets" of the early nineteenth century -- particularly William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Wordsworth and Coleridge were writing in a revolutionary age --  in the early years of the American Revolution, the French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution. Their poetry was also revolutionary. In this study abroad experience in the region of England's "lake Distrcit" students will gain a first-hand exposure to historical and cultural contexts with opportunities to visit places frequented and written about by the Lake Poets. 

HU 3540 is available for HASS credit. Instructor: Ron Strickland ( 

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