The eiffel tower and surrounding buildings and statues.

La France en 42 Jours - France in 42 Days

Program Highlights

  • Travel for 42 Days in France with Michigan Tech faculty
  • Finish your International Minor
  • Experience and focus on the French culture
  • Become more fluent in French


  • HU 3262 Topics in Francophone Cultures
    • Taught in English
  • HU 3274 Level III Topics in French Literature and Culture
    • Taught in English
  • HU 3275 French for Special Purposes
    • Taught in French
  • HU 4050 International Experience
    • Taught in English

Information Sessions

  • December 13th

All Info sessions are held from 5:30 - 6:30pm, in Walker 120A

To find out more about the program, email