Summer in Estonia

Estonia: Modern Communication Practices in Europe

Why Study Abroad?

Students who travel and study abroad are making a wise decision, one that will benefit them in numerous ways:

  • Personally, through exposure to new cultures and places.
  • Academically, through access to courses not available at Michigan Tech and to different perspectives on topics taught at Michigan Tech.
  • Professionally, because companies want to hire students who have traveled abroad as either graduate or undergraduate students.

What Makes Estonia a Great Destination?

  • Cutting-edge economy and e-government
  • Rich with culture, music, art, and architecture
  • Safe
  • Many Estonians speak English

Students and Parents

Study abroad is a life-changing opportunity. It is also a major step, as it may be the farthest distance or the longest time away from home a student has spent.  
As we are sure you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one or all of the following:

International Programs and Services (IPS) (906) 487-2160, or Dr. Marika Seigel (trip leader) 906) 487-3093 or

Course Description

HU3120: Technical and Professional Communication

HU3261 Topics in Communicating Across Cultures

Required by many majors at Michigan Tech and highly recommended by others, Technical and Professional Communication prepares you for the kinds of professional communication that you will do in your career, although the skills that you learn will be applicable outside of your professional community as well. Topics in Communicating Across Cultures, examines communication practices and styles across selected cultures—in this course, we will focus communication practices and challenges in Estonia specifically and in the broader European context more generally. HU3261 is on the HAAS distribution list.

This combined study abroad section of HU3120 and HU3261 is an embedded study abroad course, meaning that it will be partially offered at Michigan Tech and partially abroad, in Estonia. The course will not only introduce you to the fundamentals of technical and professional communication, but will also place communication in an international context and emphasize communicating 
across cultures. The ability to communicate with international audiences is very attractive to employers today due to the global nature of the workplace, so taking this course can give you an edge of the job market.

You will gain hands-on experience communicating with international audiences as you work in teams to execute communication-related projects for Estonian clients. While in Estonia, you will have the opportunity to see communication in action in various companies, including Skype (which was partially founded by Estonians), Microsoft Estonia, and Coca Cola. You will also tour Estonian cities, attend cultural events and museums, visit an island that will take you back to the time of thatched roofs and windmills, and even tour a brewery in order to gain a broader familiarity with Estonian, and northern European, culture. This course is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for personal and professional development.