Study Abroad Drug Use & Hold Harmless Waiver

Please carefully read and complete the Study Abroad Illegal Drug Use Waiver and Hold Harmless Release below. All fields are required.

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Participant Information

Illegal Drug Use Policy

U.S. citizens in a foreign country are subject to the laws of that country. The U.S. Embassy cannot obtain release from jail for a U.S. citizen, but can only aid in obtaining legal assistance.

Illegal activities place not only the individual but also the group and the program in jeopardy; therefore, all participants must agree to the conditions of participation as stated below and sign this agreement prohibiting them from using illegal drugs during the term of the program. Michigan Technological University has adopted the policy outlined below for dealing with illegal drug use.

The consequences of illegal drug use during the program include:

  • Immediate expulsion from the program
  • Total forfeiture of all fees paid to the program, and
  • Loss of all course credit

Program participants should take responsibility, both individually and as a group, for assuring that policies regarding illegal drugs are strictly observed. Possession of any quantity of marijuana, cocaine, or other illegal drugs is strictly prohibited throughout the period of the Study/Work/Research Abroad Program. I understand that this prohibition applies not only while I am in the company of fellow participants, but also when I am alone or with people not associated with the program.

Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement

Student Obligation

I understand that during my participation in the Study Abroad program I am to comply with MTU’s student conduct policies. I understand that the program director has the right to enforce appropriate standards of behavior and that I may be dismissed from the program at any time for failing to abide by such standards. I understand that while I am a visitor in a foreign country, I will be subject to the laws of that country and that any breaches of the local law of the host community or country are punishable by the appropriate local law enforcement authorities. I hereby assure Michigan Tech that I have consulted with a health care provider with regard to my personal medical needs such that I can and do further state that there are no health related reasons or problems which preclude my participation in the Program. I understand that I am responsible for and that I am required to maintain adequate health, life, accident and repatriation insurance coverage while I am a participant in the Study Abroad Program.

I understand that in the event that I choose to cancel my enrollment or voluntarily withdraw from the program at any time I agree to abide by the terms set forth under the policy specific to that program. Refer to MTU’s institutional and federal refund policies in the University Handbook. In addition, I understand that I may be responsible for cancellation fees for unused accommodations reserved on my behalf. I understand MTU, its Study Abroad Program, Board of Trustees, officers, agents and employees reserve the right to cancel trips, and to make changes or alterations in the program and itineraries at any time as may be required because of emergency, changed conditions or the University’s determination that such changes or alterations are in the best interest of the Study Abroad Program or its participants. I further understand MTU, its trustees, officers, agents and employees are not responsible for changes or alterations to or cancellation of Study Abroad Programs by host institutions.

Hold Harmless Release

I do agree to indemnify and save harmless MTU, its Board of Trustees, officers, agents, employees, and the Study Abroad program, with regard to any financial obligations or liabilities that I may personally incur or any damage or injury to my person or property or to the person or property of others that may occur while participating in the Study Abroad Program including attorney's fees and court costs.

I understand that MTU, its Study Abroad program, officers, agents and employees are not responsible for any injury or loss whatsoever suffered by me during periods of independent travel, and the Study Abroad Program has full authority to take whatever action it may consider to be warranted under the circumstances regarding my health and safety, and I fully release each of them from any liability for such decisions or actions as may be taken in connection therewith. In the event that the Study Abroad Program or its agents advance or loan any monies to me or incur special expense on my behalf while I am abroad, I agree to make immediate repayment upon my return.


I understand that there are certain dangers, hazards, and risks inherent in international travel and the activities included in the program, and I agree to assume all risks and responsibilities related thereto. I hereby waive, release and forever discharge all claims against MTU, its Board of Trustees, officers, agents, employees, and its Study Abroad program, from any and all claims, demands, causes of action and obligations to me, my heirs, executors and assigns for any injury, loss, damage, accident, delay or expense resulting from my participation in the Program, including, but not limited to, that which may result from airplane crashes, motor vehicle accidents, terrorist incidents, political unrest, strikes, criminal acts, weather, sickness, quarantine, government restrictions or regulations as well as any other risks that may not be foreseeable.

I understand that poor road conditions, different traffic laws and regulations, and varying insurance requirements can make driving motor vehicles in foreign countries extremely hazardous. If I rent or operate a vehicle, I agree that such activity is totally voluntary and that I am solely responsible for any and all claims, damages, demands or resulting legal action that may occur.