Class of '74 Scholarship

The Class of '74 Study Abroad Endowed Fund is established at Michigan Technological University, by gifts from the 25th reunion donations of the class of 1974 to support study abroad opportunities for Michigan Tech students. Awards will be made to support travel expenses of students participating in study abroad opportunities. The awards will be administered by the Michigan Tech Fund and its Trustees in cooperation with the Director of International Programs and Services and the award committee made up of faculty, staff and alumni of Michigan Tech. 

The award committee will be responsible for selecting the recipients of the Class of '74 Study Abroad Endowed Fund based on the endowment spending policy established by the Michigan Tech Board of Trustees.It is the donors' desire to recognize undergraduate students who distinguish themselves by service to their fellow students and to the University, and preference should be given to students based on the following criteria (criteria is not in order of importance): 

1) submit online application (300-500 words in length)
2) commitment to and evidence of being an 'international leader' on campus (e.g. International Club, Parade of Nations, International Speakers Programs, Study Abroad Recruiting, etc.) 3) financial need (will be determined by the Financial Aid Office)

The travel support will be available to currently enrolled student at Michigan Tech. The support may be awarded if a 2.5 GPA is maintained and the student is in good standing with the University (students on probation are not eligible). 

Summer Semester—March 1
Fall Semester—April 1
Spring Semester—October 15

Complete and submit the Class of '74 Study Abroad Scholarship Application below by the deadline. All fields are required.

Please email questions to International Programs and Services:

Class of '74 Study Abroad Scholarship Application