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Are you Eligible for CPT?

Students in F-1 status who have been enrolled full-time at Michigan Tech for at least one full academic year are eligible for Curricular Practical Training. Other eligibility factors:

  • You maintain valid F-1 status. 
  • You have a co-op position directly related to your major area of studies.
  • You maintain health insurance coverage while you are on CPT, including over the summer.
  • You are registered and maintain enrollment in the co-op credits(s) through Michigan Tech's Career Services Office.

You Need to Know

CPTs require I-20 work authorizations that are issued one semester at a time. So, you must reapply for CPT every semester—even if there are no changes to your job.

  • CPT is only available before you complete your degree.
  • You must have a job offer when you apply.
  • You cannot delay finishing your academic program because of your job.

You can do CPT during the academic year or the summer.