Curricular Practical Training: How and When to Apply

How to Apply

Step 1

  • You need a job offer letter from your employer on company letterhead. The letter must include:
    • Your name
    • Company name
    • Company's main address
    • The address where you will be working
    • Co-op start and end dates*
    • Number of hours you work each week
    • Brief job description
  • Complete and return the co-op application form and turn it in with your job offer letter to the Career Services Office.
  • When IPS receives your co-op approval we will give you a new I-20 listing your employer name, address, and start and end date.
  • Please allow up to two weeks for processing.

Do not begin a job before you receive your employment authorization. Working off-campus without authorization violates of your F-1 status.

* See the chart below for Career Services approved dates.

When to Apply

CPT processing take five to seven business days.

Semester Start Dates End Date
Fall 2017 August 28-September 17 December 15-January 16
Spring 2018 January 8-January 22 April 27-May 14

Full - Summer 2018

May 7-May 21 August 16-September 4
Track A - Summer 2018 May 7-May 21 June 28-July 2
Track B - Summer 2018 June 25-July 16 August 16-September 4