Official Transcripts and Transfer of Credits

Official Transcripts or Mark Sheets

Secondary School

To help us determine your academic abilities, Michigan Tech applicants must submit original and official transcripts or mark sheets of the final three years of secondary school with proof of completion (e.g. Leaving Certificate or Diploma).  For the documents to be considered official, they must be sent in a sealed envelope with the school's official stamp.  Certified True Copies may be accepted at Michigan Tech's discretion.  English translations must accompany all documents.

Students who have not finished their studies may apply for early admission provided they agree to submit all documents upon completion.  Admission decisions will be made with the assumption that the student will maintain the same level of academic progress as they did at the time of application.

Post-Secondary School

Students who have begun university level courses but wish to complete their studies at Michigan Tech are required to submit secondary school transcripts with proof of completion (see above) plus all original and official transcripts from any schools they have attended at the post-secondary level.  NOTE:  Students who have completed two years of coursework at the university level are only required to submit proof of completion.  For the documents to be considered official, they must be sent in a sealed envelope with the school's official stamp.  Certified True Copies may be accepted at Michigan Tech's discretion. English translations must accompany all documents. 

International Students in the US

If you are currently in the United States on another institution's I-20, you are required to submit a completed Transfer In Form. You will not need to pay the SEVIS fee again. 

Transfer Credit

Applicants who desire transfer credits for prior work completed must submit a Michigan Tech certified translation of the syllabus and course description for each course taken.  NOTE:  The certified translation must be verified by Foreign Credits, an agency which has been contracted by Michigan Tech to verify the authenticity and accuracy of your translated documents.  Failure to provide all documents at the time of application may result in the forfeiture of credits that could be earned for courses completed prior to attending Michigan Technological University.  To receive transfer credit, students must submit a syllabus, translated into English, of all courses taken.  The syllabus must contain the following:

                1.  Course name

                2.  Course number

                3.  Start and end date of each course

                4.  Description of the course, including each topic covered

                5.  Name of textbook(s) used including title, author, edition, and date of publication

Transfer credit is awarded only after the submitted syllabi have been evaluated by Michigan Tech faculty in the appropriate department for equivalent content.  Michigan Tech reserves the right to award transfer credit following its own policies and procedures.  Comparable Michigan Tech courses with a US equivalent grade of "C" or higher are transferable.  Courses listed on the official transcript with no grade or score, with grades of C- or below (D, F, below 1.0 on 4 point scale), Pass/Fail scores, Audit, or for 0 credit hours are not eligible for transfer credit. To ensure proper credit, students should submit all documents to the International Programs and Services Office at least 4 months prior to your intended start date.   

International Baccalaureate, "A" Levels, and Advanced Placement Courses

Every effort will be made to grant university credit for successful completion of IB, AP, and "A" Levels following standard policies and practice.  For more information about our IB, IP, and CLEP policy, please visit our AP/IB/CLEP site.