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Michigan Tech
University Identity Standards and Editorial Guide

Official Tagline Use

Michigan Tech, Official Tagline Use

Michigan Tech's registered tagline "Create the Future" is a representation of the University's mission statement, "We prepare students to create the future."

The tagline is to be used beneath the logo on University publications that are promotional in nature, including job ads, department publications, and recruitment materials. The tagline should not stand alone as a separate design element.

The preferred typeface for the tagline is Caecilia or Helvetica Neue. The C and F should always be capitalized, with no punctuation.

Because Create the Future is a registered trademark, it may not be altered. However, it can be used in body copy. Do not use variations such as "Create Your Future" or "Creating the Future."

For additional advice on the use of the logo with tagline, please contact University Marketing and Communications.