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Michigan Tech
University Identity Standards and Editorial Guide


The Michigan Tech logo is the official graphic symbol for Michigan Technological University.

Logo Standards

The logo is available in gold/black, gold/black with white outline, black/white, black/white with white outline, and white for use on a dark or black background.

The color version can be used in electronic and two- or four-color applications. The gold/black or gold/black with white outline logo must always be used in color electronic files or in four-color printed publications. Only use the black/white version for black printing. See the official color-printing specifications and web use guidelines.

Use only officially prepared logos that are available from University Marketing and Communications.

Michigan Tech Logos, Color Standards

Logo Placement

The University should be referenced on both sides of a publication. Use the Michigan Tech logo on the front and back cover, or use the Michigan Tech logo on either the front or back cover and the full name of the University—Michigan Technological University—on the other side.

Multiple-page calendars should include the logo on every page spread.

The University logo should be on every official web page. This is often accomplished within a banner or footer.

Michigan Tech Logo, White Space Requirements

White Space Requirements

Maintain a minimum distance equal to the space between the base of the logo and the bottom of the g (see image at left) between any part of the signature and any other design elements appearing on the page. This minimum distance also applies to the minimum space allowable between the edge of the page and any part of the layout.

Michigan Tech Logo, Minimum Size Requirements

Minimum Size Requirements

The minimum size for the Michigan Tech logo in publications is 1 3/4" wide. Minimum size requirements have been established to ensure legibility of the University's logo. Proportions of the logo should never be altered.

On specialty items such as pens, pencils, carabiners, lapel pins, etc., when the logo must be smaller, please contact University Marketing and Communications for assistance. In addition, see the trademark requirements.

Specifications for Colleges, Schools, Departments, and Research Centers

Michigan Tech Logo, departments

The University's colleges, schools, and departments directly contribute to the institution's mission. Therefore, it is essential that these units reflect the University's identity standards. Separate logos are not permitted.

College, school, and department identifiers have been created (see image at right) to facilitate consistency and include the department name, appearing with the logo and the University's full name.

Download printable electronic files of your department identifier.

Because of the unique structure of many of the research centers and institutes, separate logos are permitted; however, they should be created by University Marketing and Communications to maintain a complementary visual identity. The Michigan Tech logo must always appear with a research center logo (auxiliary mark) and should never be smaller than 80 percent of the size of the center's logo (see below).

Michigan Tech Logo, 80 percent of auxiliary mark

Specifications for Auxiliary Units and University Events

Michigan Tech Logo, 50 percent of event mark

Similarly, auxiliary units are permitted to have separate logos that should be created by University Marketing and Communications to maintain a complementary visual identity.

The University logo should appear in conjunction with all University-related events and should never be smaller than 50 percent of the size of the event's logo (see image at right).

If you have questions or need further clarification, please contact University Marketing and Communications.

Unacceptable Applications

Do not re-create the Michigan Tech logo. Changing the logo’s color, stretching the type, and adding or subtracting design elements are prohibited. The examples below represent some of the unacceptable uses of the logo.

Use only officially prepared logos that are available from University Marketing and Communications or downloaded from the web.

Michigan Tech Logo, Unacceptable Applications