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Michigan Tech
University Identity Standards and Editorial Guide

Use of Color

The official colors of Michigan Tech are silver and gold with black used as an accent color. Always use the color formulas on the following page to ensure consistency. It is normal for color variations to occur between coated and uncoated paper stocks and among various digital printing devices, so select your colors accordingly.

Due to the inconsistancy in the color output associated with digital printing, color copiers, and desktop printers, always run test prints in order to match the PMS colors provided below.

When using metallic inks, please contact University Marketing and Communications for assistance.

Official Michigan Technological University colors

Color Indicators

Below is a listing of letters and terms used to describe the official University colors.

C: indicates that the Pantone is for use on coated paper (116C); this includes paper with a matte coating
U: indicates that the Pantone is for use on uncoated paper (114U); this means any paper without coating (bond paper, envelopes)
RGB: processing color used most often for video, slides, and computer monitors that use RGB colors to render on screens
CMYK: used in four-color printing—cyan, magenta, yellow and black
Web colors: hexadecimal notation is used to specify colors on web pages, with "#" standing for hexadecimal; twenty-four-bit color is represented in the format #RRGGBB: where RR specifies the value of the Red component of the color, GG the Green component, and BB the Blue component

Supplementary colors

This palette of colors is provided to give you choices when working on publications. It will help to ensure that University publications share a cohesive and unified color theme.

Michigan Tech, Supplementary Colors