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Michigan Tech
University Identity Standards and Editorial Guide


Trademark Licensing Program

Any use of the Michigan Tech name, logos, seals, and/or other symbols or marks of Michigan Technological University on any merchandise, whether offered for sale or noncommercial use (i.e., fund-raising or promotional purposes), requires a trademark license and written approval. The Trademark Licensing Program is administered by the Office of Innovation and Industry Engagement and is designed to protect the University's ability to enforce the use of its name and image and to ensure that such uses are authorized and appropriate. Approval of designs is based on accuracy of the design and the representation or image presented by the proposed use. [more]


Apparel designs should be consistent with the guidelines outlined in this document, especially with regard to the use of the logo, spirit marks, and the name of the University. The University seal may not be used on apparel. There is some design flexibility in the fonts and colors that can be used in an effort to accommodate current trends in fashion. [more]