Husky Food Access Network

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The Food Insecurities Committee formed in Fall 2014 to determine the extent of hunger issues on Michigan Tech’s campus. The student body was surveyed in January 2015. The results were staggering. Of the slightly more than 1,000 students who responded roughly 25 percent reported experiencing hunger in the previous 30 days because they couldn’t afford to buy food. It became clear that support is needed. The committee began developing a plan.

We are now known as the Husky Food Access Network (Husky FAN). We provide multiple resources for our campus community, including:

  • Food Pantry
  • Donated Meal Swipes
  • Emergency Food Packets
  • Educational Programs

Read the January 2015 campus survey results.

Common Problem, Common Solutions

Michigan Tech is not alone. Many universities are discovering that large proportions of their student bodies are going hungry. For example, an Oregon university found that 59 percent of its student body grappled with food insecurity during a one-year period (reference). At Virginia Commonwealth University 57 percent of students reported hunger issues (reference). Campuses across the country are answering the need by providing resources to students. Creating a campus food pantry and educating the community about the problem and how to help are among the most effective tactics.

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