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Downloadable IESL 2014-2015 Calendar for Printing

Downloadable IESL 2015-2016 Calendar for Printing

Downloadable IESL 2016-2017 Calendar for Printing

Fall 2015
August 17-21 Faculty Institute
August 22-23 Move-In Weekend
August 24-29 Orientation Week
August 24 TOEFL Administration—Placement
August 31 Instruction Begins
September 4 Program Meeting (Post-Placement)
September 7 Labor Day
September 11 K-Day (Classes end at noon—Half-Day Faculty In-Service)
November 14 TOEFL Administration
November 20 No Classes—Faculty Work Day (Thanksgiving Break Begins)
November 30 Classes Resume
December 11 Last Day of Teaching
December 14 Faculty Evaluation Meeting
December 15 Faculty/Student Conferences
December 15-16 Academic Advising and Registration for Spring
December 17-18 Faculty Development Days
December 18 Semester Ends
Tuition for Spring semester is due Wednesday January 6th 2016

Spring 2016
January 6-7 Faculty Institute
January 10 TOEFL Administration—Placement
January 10 Orientation
January 11 Instruction Begins
January 18 Martin Luther King Day—No classes
February 3 Winter Carnival (Classes End at Noon—Faculty Development Half-Day)
February 8 Classes Resume
March 4 Spring Break Begins
March 14 Classes Resume
April 9 TOEFL Administration
April 15 Classes End at Noon (Faculty Half-Day In-Service)
April 22 Last Day of Teaching
April 25 Faculty Evaluation Day
April 26 Faculty/Student Conferences
April 26-29 Academic Advising and Registration
April 29 Spring Semester Ends
Tuition for summer school is due Wednesday May 4th 2016

Summer 2016 
May 9 Instruction Begins
May 30 Memorial Day—No Classes
July 4 Independence Day—No Classes
July 16 TOEFL Administration
July 29 Last Day of Teaching
August 1 Faculty Evaluation
August 2 Faculty/Student Conferences
August 3 Academic Advising and Registration
August 5 IESL Summer Semester Ends
Tuition for Fall semester is due by the Wednesday before Fall classes begin