Rebecca Frost


PhD Student


Dissertation: Successful True Crime: Serial Killers, Victims, Gendered Bodies, and the Hunt

As a genre, true crime exploded into popularity in the 1980s and has since established itself as formulaic in its presentation of serial killers and their victims. My work investigates these representations in order to ask what they mean for the social treatment of victims and perpetrators in general, as well as asking why true crime is so popular. I propose that the answer lies in the hunt, which functions to engage the reader in the investigation while allowing for pleasure through distancing and othering that allows the reader to retain a sense of safety.

Teaching: As a doctoral student and candidate, I have had the pleasure of teaching Composition (UN2001), Homors Composition (UN1015), Transitional Writing (ESL 0491), and Advanced Grammar (ESL 0440).

Department Activities: In addition to teaching, I have served as the department’s GSG representative and as the composition coordinator.

Student Life: I live with my husband and our cats in Hancock. Outside of academics I am a participant in National Novel Writing Month and the year-round creative writing group that has sprung from NaNoWriMo.